A Cinderella Story


Buenos Dias Fighting Frogs,

We were all that down-to-earth, misunderstood teenager just trying to get by like Hilary Duff, texting our beaus in those early 2k chatrooms via our flip phones in a world sans-touchscreens. And we all knew that the Chad Michael Murray of our lives would someday ditch the biggest game of the year to kiss us in the rain, much to the bereavement of a step-mother who “can’t show emotion for another hour and a half.” Okay this movie is cliche ridiculous. But if you’re a 90s-2k kid, you relate all too well. We salute you Hil, you get us.

A brief synopsis for all you late Hilary Duff bandwagoners: Sam (Hilary Duff), a teenager in California, is obliged to work as a janitor and dishwasher in the diner of her stepmother (Jennifer Coolidge). After a cell phone mix-up, Sam begins an anonymous text-messaging and e-mail relationship with a boy. They agree to meet at a school dance, but when Sam finds out that her secret pen pal is none other than Austin Ames (Chad Michael Murray), the cutest boy in school, she panics and looks for a way to make herself cooler. (courtesy of the omniscient Wikipedia)

But a night full of 2k nostalgia wouldn’t be perfect without:

Salmon Burger — it’s from “Norwegia”

Probably Fiona’s favorite food at the diner. For the best taste, make sure you get fresh salmon, even if you have to ship it in “from Norwegia,” like Hilary Duff’s poor geographically challenged step-mother played by Jennifer Coolidge.

20 Minute Fresh Salmon Burgers

Fresh and Easy Salmon Burgers





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